Lovely healthy plants, discount for large orders

  • Buxus Sempervirens
    english box hedging, deep green oval leaves, very hardy $2 & $4 grades
  • Buxus Suffruticosa
    evergreen shrub, dense rounded green leaves $2.00 ea
  • Lonicera Nitida
    hardy,fast growing hedge, fine green foliage $2.00 ea
  • Corokia
    attractive shrub 5 different cultivars available from $2-50 ea
  • Teucrium Fruiticans
    aromatic grey-green foliage with white undersides, ideal hedging $2-25 ea
  • Photinia (Red Robin)
    Crimson/Red, poplar hedging plant 2.5m $2-50 ea
  • Camellias
    20 diffrent varieties from $2-50 ea
We can source other plants for you at very competitive prices. On some varieties there may be a minimum order of 20 plants and a small freight charge may apply. Plants listed are in 5 cm or 7 cm pots. Prices are subject to change with-out notice and include GST.


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