All priced from just $2.00ea to $2-25 each depending on variety

  • Lavander Grosso
    dark violet flower, great for oil, hedges and containers, english, grey leafed
  • Lavender Angustifolia Rosea
    English lavender, pink flower
  • Lavander Pukehou
    striking variety with large purple flowers in spring and summer, good for hedge, eared
  • Lavender Arabian Nights
    smaller growing lavender, fragrant rich purple flower
  • Lavander Dentata
    french, ideal for hedging, toothed leaf, hardy
  • Lavander Major
    early flowering, large deep flowers and lilac-pink petals, great for borders, pots
  • Lavender Helmsdale
    Burgundy wine flowers
  • Lavander Snowman
    greyish green leaf, white flowers, hardy
  • Lavender Hidcote Blue
    Stunning English variety,dark violet blue flowers
  • Lavander Stoechas
    Pippa purple heads, grows to 80 cm, on medium length spikes
  • Lavander Super
    rich purple, fragrant, very hardy
  • Other varieties of lavender are availalbe too numerous to mention
We can source other plants for you at very competitive prices. On some varieties there may be a minimum order of 20 plants and a small freight charge may apply. Plants listed are in 5 cm or 7 cm pots. Prices are subject to change with-out notice and include GST.


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