Griselinia Hedging Plants


These plants are being sold at a heavily discounted rate, the more you order , the more of a discount we can pass on to you.
Ideal for borders, fast growing hedges, lifestyle blocks, farms, the home gardener, commercial plantings.
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GriseliniaGriselinia Littoralis

A very poplar nz native shrub, evergreen, large leathery green leaves, ideal for hedging and windbreaks.
Grows to 3 meters, very fast growing once planted, quite dense once grown, ideal for fencelines, can be trimmed to desired height.

Griselinia Broadway Mint

Becoming a very poplar hedging plant, has large oval leaves as per photo, very hardy, super fast growing, ideal for hedging and can be used as a windbreak, copes well in windy coastal sites, grows to 3 m, evergreen shrub.


Other varieties of Griselina we can do are

Griselinia Lucida - thick, glossy leaves, very lush looking, good to include in tropical style plantings

Plantgroup NZ is always expanding our product range and passing huge discounts directly back to our customers, this website only covers a very small range of some of the most poplar garden plants used. We have over 4000 different cultivars too numerous to mention, if it is not listed on our website, just let us know what you are after and how many and we will come back to you with a super sharp price.
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